New construction of five city villas after having won a competition — Glücksteinallee, 68163 Mannheim, Germany — ca. 19,280 m² — 09.2018 — Diringer & Scheidel Unternehmensgruppe

Living at the park

In Mannheim, in close proximity to the central station, inner city and the beloved city quarter Lindenhof, the new Glückstein quarter is in development. Here, around 1,500 people will live and several thousand will work. In the periphery of the eponymous Hanns-Glückstein park, five town houses will be built. The site has a size of approximately 8,900 square metres. Since 2007, blocher partners has been working with Diringer & Scheidel Group. Its accomplishments include Q 6 Q 7 Mannheim New construction of a mixed used quarter.

The winner of the architectural competition, awarded by the city of Mannheim, includes five villas with a total of 100 apartments. Due to the exposed location directly at the public green space it was of utmost importance to plan a high-quality and architecturally sophisticated development. The concept by blocher partners is characterized by its smooth edge towards the park. The five buildings are planned as individual polygons and still show a common architectural design. At the same time their alignment ensures a wide public transition between Hanns-Glückstein park and the heritage-protected engine-house ensemble.

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