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At blocher partners, we make built environments our responsibility

Our work does not end with the mere completion of a building or with it’s hand-over, as we think beyond the actual construction, combining architecture, interior design, product design, communication and urban design into a whole. We follow the concept of ’experience design’, which, through its interdisciplinary approach, makes people’s wants and needs a priority.

We know we’ve done something right when spaces emerge that distinguish themselves from any others

A space, of course, is more than just the built object; it beckons the user and becomes an arena for social dealings and interactions. A space has fulfilled its purpose when people congregate there, and this is why we encourage and prioritize communication. We take people seriously, whatever their wishes or preferences may be.

Open to people and cultures

We continuously adapt to new places and cultures, seeking one-on-one dialogue on an equal plane. This creates the foundation for solutions that endure beyond the short-term, solutions that are clearly thought-out, binding and on budget. We are continuously learning in this process and since we cannot possibly know everything, we expand our transdisciplinary team when necessary, bringing in sociologists, specialist engineers and other specialists overall.

We are modest and measured in our building approach, choosing what is suitable rather than sensationalistic, creating buildings that speak for themselves and that are self-aware. We combine technologically advanced and sustainable concepts with a clear design vocabulary, creating buildings that are stable long-term investments. Backed by such solid principles, this approach can also open doors to new and surprising solutions.

Sustainability requires social responsibility

In all of our projects, we stand for lasting and sustainable design, and these require economic and social responsibility. Buildings that are loved also last longer. This is why we always create spaces, whether they be public or private, commercial spaces or even brands, which touch and inspire, and which encourage interactions.

And just as the people that live and work in these spaces are diverse, so too is our transdisciplinary working team of architects, graphic designers, interior designers, communication specialists, urban planners, environmental planners and product designers based in Stuttgart, Berlin, Mannheim and Ahmedabad.

The values of creativity & innovation, customer focus, commitment & responsibility, learning, transdisciplinarity and togetherness form the basis of our cooperation

The quality of the finished product in one place is directly connected with the result of many decisions taken in many different places, becoming more than the sum of it’s parts, but rather an identity and sometimes even something we can call home.


BDA (Association of German Architects)
BDIA (Association of German Interior Designers)
DGNB (German Society for Sustainable Construction)
Association of the Federal Building Culture Foundation
aed (Association for the Promotion of Architecture, Engineering and Design in Stuttgart)
VMM (European Association for Visual Marketing/Merchandising)
German Council of Shopping Centers
OAV (German Asia-Pacific Business Association)
Hotel Real Estate Working Group
NAX (Network Architectural Export)