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We define it as crossing boundaries, integrating objects between disciplines, and mutual learning.

All disciplines interact, resulting in an exchange of ideas across thresholds, benefitting all involved. More than just increasing expertise, this approach actually generates new skills.

Not just collaboration between disciplines

Transdisciplinarity takes place in dialog between various contexts. This requires participation, collaboration and communication at eye level.

Crossing the boundaries of one’s own discipline in order to integrate other ways of thinking, you enter new territory – and that is an essential step towards innovation.

Transdisciplinary discussion space

Transdisciplinary approaches take different angles into account, and also puts them into perspective, grasping problems in all their complexity. By crossing and questioning accepted boundaries in processes of decision making and problem solving, a more open-minded, critical dialog is supported.

Our approach challenges existing processes, frameworks and conventions. It is about grasping the specificity of one’s own outlook through recognizing the professional perspectives of others. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve a synergetic effectiveness through the cross-fertilization of diverse disciplines.