We create opportunities and ideas to connect experiences to make space happen , space of action — culture. People, trade, communication: We are connecting experiences to sustain cultural choice.

At blocher partners, we mobilize three cultural motives: 1) Where, why and how people live in particular environments — social. 2) How and for what purposes economy operate — trade. 3) Methods and technologies people and economy utilize to cooperate — semiotic (i.e. communication).


Our spaces of action are expanding just as our living space is becoming more compressed — space is not an empty container but a product of social activities. This is becoming increasingly clear and more vital for our future coexistence. We have more experiences, while the values of these experiences differ less and less from one another. As digitalization progresses, presence and absence merge. Time and space are reduced to the factual and emotional meaning cultivated in the here and now: either … or.

We at blocher partners want to open up manifest meaning to creative possibilities, that is: both … and. Thus, we focus our research and practice on polyvalence: multifunctional, multidisciplinary, multi-cultural, multi-access, multi-perspective, multi-sensory, multipurpose, multitasking, multi-layering, multimedia, multichannel, multi-causal, multigenerational, in short: hybrids.