Dieter Blocher


Dieter Blocher (Dipl.-Ing.) is founder, managing partner and shareholder of blocher partners business group. After graduating in architecture in Stuttgart and Chicago, Dieter Blocher was lecturer at the University of Stuttgart and worked for Schulz-Brauns as well as for Schunck in Munich, before he switched jobs to work as a planning leading architect at Heinle Wischer in Stuttgart. Dieter Blocher was also responsible for industry location developments of new buildings for the Bosch group in Reutlingen-Kusteringen as well as for Resicoat/Akzo Nobel in Reutlingen.

In 1989, Dieter Blocher founded blocher partners together with his wife Jutta Blocher. In the early 90s and under their management, the company first developed itself with various planning functions to one international leading multidisciplinary planning office within the trade area.

Based on this expertise, in 2006 the foundation of the mono brands and retail consulting specialised company blocher partners shops has been developed, and the communication agency typenraum as well as the Asian subsidiary blocher partners india in Ahmedabad, which was founded in 2009.

Moreover, since the beginning of the 2000s, Dieter Blocher has further intensively developed the areas of residential construction, public buildings and hybrid buildings. In addition to the corporate strategy, Dieter Blocher today takes responsibility for project development, sustainable construction and international building construction. Dieter Blocher is a member of the Association of German Architects.


Jutta Blocher

Interior Designer/Co-Founder/Head of Interior Design

Jutta Blocher studied Interior Design at the University of Stuttgart. After graduating, Jutta has worked six years for the planning office R. Czermak and founded blocher partners in 1989 together with her husband Dieter Blocher.

Since its inception, the symbiosis of architecture and interior design determined their approach within the company, which has led to the 2006 established companies blocher partners shops (specialised in mono brands and retail consulting), as well as the communications agency typenraum and the Asian subsidiary blocher partners india in Ahmedabad, which was founded in 2009.

As head of interior design, Jutta Blocher is responsible for diverse national and international projects and has gained international recognition for her design styles, which create freedom for identities and brands. These competences have been used by her in many department-, fashion- and luxury stores, but also for mono brands. Her projects communicate, beyond the formal design brand identity, and stand for a brand evolution.

Under the direction of Jutta Blocher, the office has expanded its global scope of action in Asia. The customers include well-known trade retail brands in India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. Jutta Blocher is a member of the Association of German Interior Architects.


Wolfgang Mairinger

Architect/Senior Partner

Wolfgang Mairinger studied architecture at the University of Regensburg and at the University for Technology in Karlsruhe. Wolfgang Mairinger has gained first professional experience at the office Hoppe Sommer in Stuttgart, followed by five years at the architecture partnership office Brunnert, Mory, Osterwalder, Vielmo. During this time, Wolfgang Mairinger was involved, for example, in the construction of the LBBW at Stuttgart main railway station.

Since 1995, he has been working for blocher partners, since 1996 as senior partner, shareholder and head of the Mannheim office.

Wolfgang Mairinger is responsible for the project developments of various categories. In the field of public constructions, for example, the prestigious Lower Saxonian state parliament, was inaugurated in 2017. The restructuring of the university of Mannheim and Heidelberg, the conversion of the German Film Museum in Frankfurt or the multiple award-winning town hall in Bissendorf are largely due to his influence. Wolfgang Mairinger is a member of the Association of German Architects.


Jürgen Gaiser

Interior Designer

Jürgen Gaiser joined blocher partners in 1995 as an interior designer and has been a partner since 1999. He was significantly involved in the development of the blocher partners shops division.

He brings his expertise in brand communication to bear in the retail sector as well as in the office sector – this includes the company's working worlds of the future, brand architecture and product design. Gaiser designs holistic, future-oriented, intuitive experiences for modern working environments as well as futuristic collaboration environments. Various internationally renowned companies such as the Viessmann Group or Bosch, but also institutions such as the AOK Baden-Württemberg rely on his expertise.

With an unusual flair for materials and detailed solutions, he creates spaces that inspire and touch emotionally, that reflect the DNA of a company and effectively convey brand values in three dimensions. Always at the centre: the human being, whom Gaiser sees as a co-author and involves at an early stage. Jürgen Gaiser is a member of the BDIA.


Anja Pangerl

Architect/Interior Designer

Anja Pangerl studied Interior Architecture at the Coburg University of Applied Sciences as well as architecture at the University of Stuttgart. Since 1997, Anja Pangerl has been working for blocher partners, since 2006 as a managing partner and shareholder.

Anja Pangerl relates architecture and interior design to a many-layered whole. She is responsible for the overall interior design of the Q 6 Q 7, the multifunctional urban district. One of her main focus lies in hotel designs, where she designed, among others, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Mannheim and Stuttgart’s first boutique hotel in Nadlerstrasse.

Moreover, under her management numerous retail projects have been developed– often by owner-operated companies. The concept for the flagship stores of the bike specialists Rose Bikes received numerous awards and have convinced the judges of the German Design Awards and the EuroShop Retail Design Awards. Anja Pangerl is a member of the Association of German Interior Architects.


Angela Kreutz

Head of Corporate Communication/Managing Director typenraum

Since 2002, Angela Kreutz is responsible for corporate communications and from 2008 to 2022 she was CEO of the Indian subsidiary blocher partners india in Ahmedabad, where projects, such as Mondeal Retail Park in Ahmedabad, the Commercial Building Mondeal Square or the Health Resort in Coimbatore, have been developed.

After graduating, the social scientist has worked in Mainz and San Francisco, and has carried out voluntary work as editor at the Frankfurt Societäts-Druckerei GmbH and TextilWirtschaft. Angela Kreutz was later a self-employed communications consultant for fashion brands such Opus or retail companies engelhorn, before she joined blocher partners.

Since 2009, Angela has been a managing partner and since 2013 additionally managing director of the communications agency typenraum. The subsidiary is specialized in brands- and corporate communications.


Hartmut Wurster

Architect/Head of blocher partners india

Hartmut Wurster studied architecture at the University of Technology in Dresden and at Aristoteles-University in Thessaloniki, Greece.

In 2010, Hartmut Wurster joined blocher partners and in 2011, Hartmut advanced to become the country head and managing director of the subsidiary blocher partners india. Hartmut Wurster has developed our Indian branch in Ahmedabad, from which he can oversee the Asian market.

He is responsible for numerous sensational projects, such as for the Business Center Mondeal Heights and Satya One in Ahmedabad or the Goethe-Institute in Kolkota. His intercultural competences shape diversified projects from business centers to luxury villas. Hartmut Wurster is also involved in contemporary art and is the founder of the Zone of Contemporary Art (ZOCA), a platform for young Indian art.


Vandana Shah


Vandana Shah studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and at the CEPT, School of Architecture, in Ahmedabad, India, under the direction of Prof. B. V. Doshi. She has worked for Behnisch Architekten, KBK Architekten and at the Urban Planning Institute of the University of Stuttgart, among others.

She joined blocher partners in 2011 and has been responsible for national and international projects with a focus on residential construction as a partner since 2015 from social housing projects to premium residential complexes and from new buildings to revitalizations, renovations and extensions, such as the residential quarter in Berlin-Adlershof, Will No 16 in Munich and Skydeck Select in Ahmedabad. With the Weil am Rhein town hall, the EmiLu design hotel in Stuttgart and the Satya One high-rise in Ahmedabad, she has also penned significant projects of other typologies.

In 2023, she was appointed by the Baden-Württemberg Chamber of Architects to the Housing Competence Team; moreover, she is a frequent member of the jury in architectural competitions.


Matthias Both


Matthias Both studied architecture at the University of Siegen as well as History and comparable religious studies at the University of Tübingen. Between 2007 and 2011, Matthias Both worked as academic staff at IRGE (institute for spatial conception and basic research of designing) at the University of Stuttgart.

Since 2009, he has been working for blocher partners, since 2017 as a managing partner in national and international project developments in architectural and urban standards. Matthias was responsible for projects such as for the extension of the Design Center of Mercedes Benz in Sindelfingen, Hugo Boss in Metzingen, the office building P5 or the Glückstein city houses in Mannheim.

Matthias Both worked as guest critics, jury member and speaker several times. Currently, he lectures at the academy of the real estate industry in Stuttgart. Moreover, he is a founding member of the network group FEAT, which initiate architectural aid projects.


Benjamin Blocher


Benjamin Blocher, architect and urban planner, studied at ETH Zurich, the Nation University of Singapore and the University of Buenos Aires.

Born in 1992 as the son of the two company founders, Jutta and Dieter Blocher, he has been contributing his expertise at the interface of architecture and urban planning to the group of companies as a partner since 2021. The topics of transdisciplinarity and sustainability have always run through his projects. For example, during his studies he was involved in the "Future Cities Laboratory" at the Nation University of Singapore, a scientific cooperation between ETH and renowned international universities for the development of sustainable cities.

After completing his studies and working for JAHN Chicago and COBE Berlin, Blocher most recently worked as an architect and urban planner for KCAP Architects & Planners in Zurich.

At blocher partners, he is particularly dedicated to the transformation of cities, sustainable planning and thus the holistic life cycle assessment of buildings and new building technologies.