Kathrin-Türks-Hall Dinslaken

Renovation and extension of a town hall — Platz d'Agen 4, 46535 Dinslaken, Germany — 7,130 m² — 2020 — Stadt Dinslaken

An adequate appearance

The successful VOF tendering procedure (a German regulation on the award of public contracts) awarded blocher partners the task to conduct a complete renovation of the Kathrin-Türks hall, located in the city of Dinslaken.

This town hall, with a capacity of around 1,500 visitors, is after the municipality building the second eye-catching volume with monolithic design in the city park. This location has a high address quality although the appearance of the construction today is not able to live up to it. The concept of the interior design isn’t deemed modern either. Features of a theatre, for example an orchestra pit and a stage tower are a part of the town hall but it should also serve as an open space and a site for social events. A restaurant and a bar complement the design. This rebuild and extension give the town hall (named after the founding director of the Burghofbühne, Kathrin Türks) an appearance and a functional concept that can symbolize how meaningful it is for the city.

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