Areal am Wiener Platz Feuerbach – Construction site south

Neubau eines gemischt genutzten Wohn- und Geschäftsquartiers — Wiener Platz, Stuttgart-Feuerbach — 2019 — Neues Heim – Die Baugenossenschaft eG

Urban quarter with model character

For the future site at Wiener Platz, blocher partners are developing an innovative, urban mixed-use residential quarter with a model character in the southern construction field.In the immediate vicinity of the Feuerbach train station, a total of 89 units with different types of housing as well as uses with inclusive gastronomy, a day care facility, a commercial unit, a gallery and a day care center for children are being built.

The inner-city perimeter block development, developed from the specifications of the development plan, adopts significant spatial edges and heights from the surroundings, developing from them small-scale cubatures with diverse facades while at the same time maintaining a high degree of density. The project follows the claim to make a valuable contribution as an IBA project for future neighborhood development at this prominent inner-city location. This is one of the reasons why the entire development is designed in a modern hybrid construction method consisting of solid, load-bearing components in reinforced concrete and modular timber frame constructions as prefabricated facade components. A high-quality, differentiated facade design complements the articulation of the volume.

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