Development of a car-free quarter — Crailsheim — 30.400 m² — City of Crailsheim

From next door to right in the middle

Under this guiding principle, a structure of six individual neighborhoods is being developed, which will be interconnected by means of an overarching open space plan to form a new innovative, sustainable urban quarter.
The competition entry translates the existing potentials consisting of detached buildings with gardens and green spaces into a new pattern that offers a quality living space to its residents.

An open social togetherness, intergenerational living, identification with one's house and neighborhood as well as sustainable resource-saving construction form the starting point for the concept. The urban setting, grain and variety of the developed buildings as well as the planned open space support this aspect significantly. The result is an innovative, sustainable green urban quarter with its own identity and high recognition value for the residents of Crailsheim.

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