BW-Bank Mannheim

Concept-development and realization of a bank branch — Augustaanlage 33, 68165 Mannheim, Germany — approx. 845 m² — 2009 — BW Immobilien GmbH für die Landesbank Baden-Württemberg

Competence and confidence in architecture

High-quality materials, minimalist design, discreet colours and carefully selected details are reminiscent of the flair of 19th-century banking houses. Back then there was no lack of personal and exclusive ambiance during discussions and transactions with clients. Thanks to the individual design principal of BW-Bank Premium, this special atmosphere is back.

The venerable Gründerzeit building of reddish sandstone forms the perfect setting for a business that stands for both openness and confidentiality. In the glassed-in foyer, ATM machines are available to customers. A staircase leads visitors one flight up to a newly designed, personal banking department. Unusual ceiling installations that look like hand-made origami hang over the walkways. Like a leitmotif, they guide customers to the heart of the bank, where paper-thin light sculptures running horizontally point the way to service counters. Vertically hung lights indicate waiting areas, while dark wall panels and cabinets of smoked oak create an optical theme for the service counters – and thus form the transition to the consulting rooms for background and private discussions.