Nature Terraces Sta. Elena – Marketing

Object marketing for a real estate project including Corporate Design, Wayfinding and various marketing operations — Sta. Elena Golf & Country Club Sta. Elena – Laguna, Philippinen — 66,000 m² — 2020 — Sta. Elena Properties Inc.

Nature connecting Luxury

South of the Philippine capital of Manila, an ensemble of luxury residential towers will rise, surrounded by nature, against an impressive backdrop of forests, lakes, lagoons and Mount Makiling.

These towers stand out for their adherence to sustainable design principles and for their striking architecture, including their lush green facades. typenraum developed the umbrella brand name and the names for the individual towers. In addition, they designed the logo, which consists of two stylized towers and a connecting leaf symbolizing nature. Completing the communications package are a signage system, marketing brochure, project film and website. Transdisciplinary collaboration with blocher partners yielded design elements – a colour scheme and contours derived from the surroundings – that are picked up in the interior design as well as in the marketing material.

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