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So what is the actual state of urban planning, design, technical, economic, ecological, social and cultural qualities in architecture?

Yesterday evening in Stuttgart, the answer was unanimous: "Excellent!"
Nicole Razavi, Baden-Württemberg Minister for Regional Development and Housing, presented the Baden-Württemberg State Prize for Building Culture, the state's highest honour for exemplary planning and building, at the Haus der Wirtschaft. This year's focus: rebuilding and thinking ahead - exemplary and transferable solutions for planning and construction challenges. The Minister, who is also a member of the jury, emphasised that it is a social obligation to continue a building culture that is both good and economical. Reiner Nagel, Chairman of the Board of the Federal Foundation of Baukultur, emphasised that it was not easy for the panel to make a judgement. Nevertheless, in the end there was always agreement on the top three winners. A total of 235 projects in nine categories had to be assessed. Cultivated building is the ability to build well, taking all factors into account - with respect for the environment, durable and beautiful. We are proud to have been recognised for the Hotel EmiLu