Swarm lighting — product design — 2018 — Sattler GmbH, Göppingen, Germany

Individual lighting composition

Favo is an innovative and very precise controllable lighting system for areas with vary-ing use and is based on the idea of a “swarm lighting”.
The Favo Light Net tightens a net of lighting points in the room and is supported by a honeycombed structure, which are flexibly and appropriately controlled. The idea of the product designers of blocher partners was realised by Sattler GmbH.

Jürgen Gaiser, Partner Interior Design & Product Design and Alexander Rybol, Head of Product Design at blocher partners, have recognized, through various projects of the architecture and interior design office, the following: The changeability of areas has become a crucial requirement in interior design and retail. “These days, areas are used in a number of ways and have to be reshaped and curated at increasingly shorter intervals. Conventional lighting is too static for these requirements, so we have developed the concept of the swarm lighting”, explained Jürgen Gaiser.

The hexagonal, honeycombed structure builds the basic construction of Favo. It has given the system its name – Favo is Italian and means honeycomb. The idea behind this is that the big whole develops from the smallest unity and that it interacts with each other. Static and electronic connectors enable a fast and safe assembly of the lighter components of plastic injection molding with a high-value feel. The LED assembled lighting heads are situated at the key points.

The very precise controllable Favo system enables the adjustment of the lighting to the current usage, without positioning the luminaires. The lighting in the room will be controlled precisely and as well in real time with a flick of the finger on a tablet. “Favo creates a lighting structure which can be precisely and appropriately controlled with the light mood.”, clarified Mr. Sattler, managing director of Ulrich Sattler GmbH, about the new development.

“The fields of application are diverse: from curated areas within the trade area as well as exhibitions, trade fairs and various events – we meet ever-changing demands with individual lighting compositions”, underlines Mr. Gaiser the multifunctional and individual possible uses.

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