retail expertise

We understand brands, are familiar with international markets and initiate trends

With our extensive know-how, we develop sustainable concepts for monobrands, department stores and malls, which we replicate throughout the world. Optimization of a strongly characterised Brand-DNA is our main focus. We integrate the origin of a brand, develop it strategically or change its appearance completely – individually. Our thinking is visionary, and we ensure a Brand evolution that covers all communication channels. For us, the meaning of design is: networking and creating holistic concepts of experience.

We create spaces for individual encounters and multi-layered experiences

We stage a storytelling narrative that invites clients to take a journey with us and propagates the brand’s spirit. Although our store concepts are unique, they can be replicated worldwide and realised in different locations. We give brands tangible form, provide them with space to evolve and make the abstract come alive.

Our many years of experience allow us to combine the best from all fields

We work in a strategic manner, respond specifically to the wishes of our clients and always stay on top of new developments. In this way, we give brands a face and create stories that captivate visitors from all cultures and appeal to all the senses.

We enable you to use the change as an opportunity and to place yourself at the top of the competition

We accompany you during the process phases, and along with you we develop a corporate vision and strategy, anticipate market trends and analyze customer and employee perspectives for the design process. Together with you, we will strengthen and develop your brand. We also assist with the planning of operational processes: with a superordinate view from the outside.

We start with investigation and synthesis

We collect and compare any channel, used by customers, visitors and potential buyers to get in touch with you. In the following, we will develop fundamental principles for an optimized and conclusive customer journey in a joint workshop. Through the integration of the staff we do not only achieve an optimum of identification with the project. We also create convinced brand ambassadors. During the process, we will gladly advise you in questions of product assortment strategy, purchasing process, visual merchandising events, as well as community activities. This enables us to create a dynamic brand, which is increasingly becoming a success factor in retail.