XXXLutz Kempten

  • New construction of a furniture store
  • Bahnhofstraße 77, 87435 Kempten, Germany
  • 61.800 m²
  • 2015
  • XXXLutz, Wels

Shimmering insights

The Austrian XXXL group of home furnishing retailers has opened a new branch in Kempten, boasting no less than 25,000 square metres. The semi-transparent façade invites discovery and is a subtle response to its surroundings. Because it is anything but one-dimensional.

On the contrary, if you look closely you will discover a world of furniture shining sublimely through the perforations of the shimmering bronze surface. In this subtle way the home furnishing store presents itself to passers-by and customers without resorting to flashy advertising. The clever arrangement of perforations, from opaque to translucent, brings movement literally through the façade. The building acquires a subtle illusion and special quality simply through its architecture.