Third Generation Living Aalen

  • Modernes Wohnkonzept mit verschiedenen Zimmertypen für flexible Nutzung
  • 30 – 45 m²
  • 2016
  • i Live Holding GmbH, Aalen

Third Place Living

Temporary housing is the answer to an increasingly mobile society. Changing workplaces and project-based commitments require flexible new living spaces, whether for students or young professionals. The “Third Place Living“ concept intentionally plays with the balancing act between temporary living and individual lifestyle.

It is not the functions but the activities that determine the space flow. Multifunctional fittings, inconspicuously integrated into the space, can be dining table, desk, bench or storage room; sliding kitchenette panels become a projection surface; shelves become cinema seating. All controlled and interconnected via an app that also knows the best locations in town. Sliding partitions and curtains separate private from public space, creating room for action and regeneration, solitude and society, and thus supporting an individual lifestyle.