Roeckl Munich

Store Design — Maffeistraße 1, 80333 München, Germany — 70 m² — 2014 — Roeckl Handschuhe & Accessoires GmbH & Co. KG

Perfectly fitted

There's hardly a piece of clothing which is so expressive an complicated to manufacture than a glove. Until today an insign of luxury and elegance. Like the silk cloths and scarfs, knitwear accessories and bags of the brand, the glove stands for a unique style. With self-confidence and quality - principles which also build the base for the new store concept by blocher shops.

A place, which does not only live up to the brand values but also to the expanded range of products of the glove manufacturer. The store is devided into two areas: the handicraft room and the bright main space where white furniture and backwalls meet metal frameworks, mirror elements and parquet. The furniture was developed in close cooperation with the visual merchandisers of blocher partners and adapt perfectly to the seasonal offers - for example the larger glove assortment in winter. At one side, there are bordered niches which draw the attention to gloves and accessories. On the other side, there is an open presentation wall which emphasises the diversity of the Roeckl assortment. While the assortment at the rear walls are organised according to the different product categories, the center of the store unites all products to a Roeckl panopticon: expressive display cubes and suspended metal frames show in a cross merchandisind manner the compeptence and diversity of the company and are a source of inspiration for the customers.

At first hand

The new store offers an interaction with the brand which exceeds the pure product experience. In the handicraft room, where the men's products are displayed, the history of the company becomes tangible. Framed by hues of wood and cogncac, glove manufacturer furniture and tools introduce to the Roeckl cosmos.

Supported by a wall graphic of the brand blazon and a backlit original workshop photo from the early years. At regular intervals glove manufacturers demonstrate here the cut of delicate leather gloves and explain the working steps which are necessary to create the perfect Roeckl glove. Annette Roeckl, owner and managing director of Roeckl in the 6th generation: »It is important for us to show the love and passion with which bag makers, seamstresses and glove makers at Roeckl sort, cut and sew leather every day - the skill and precision with which they go about their work. For 175 years, this dedication and the highest standards of leather quality have been what make our products unique.«

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