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Parkson Kuala Lumpur

New conception of a department store — Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, 50088 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia — 11.350 m² — 2015 — Parkson Retail Group, Kuala Lumpur

Oasis of beauty

„The power of beauty is the power of a promise that lies in its perception," an essay about beauty says.  The new Parkson beauty hall delivers in this promise.  Beauty is more than a means to an end but a compelling essence of space and product. And yet, the task for blocher partners was not easy at the beginning: Fashionistas should be attracted as much as tourists and families.

Which meant to combine flexible elements with "Wow" effects, service and convenience. As well as finding a common design for the many monobrands under one roof. The solution: individual shop-in-shop systems which focus on the high-end brands – in addition to the unified design of ceilings and floorings to express the umbrella brand Parkson. The ambient is defined by the bright natural stone flooring as well as the white ceiling, bright walls and furniture. Golden appliqués make fpr glamorous accentuations. For example as completion of the backlit columns which serve the striking presentation of brand campaigns. Or as elements of the curved ceiling bands which subtly highlight the individual shops on the otherwise open sales space; here and there varied in the brand colours, sometimes in highgloss black, sometimes in a rich dark red. Special areas and focus spots provide for inspiration and variety.

Inspired by nature

Founded in 1987, Parkson has long weathered the changing retail landscape of Malaysia. The years have seen Parkson upgrading its offerings and services to better keep up with the times too. The latest milestone: Parkson KLCC which was recently given an exciting makeover by the internationally acclaimed office for architecture and design Blocher Blocher Partners.

Inspirations for the interior design came from the unique patterns of wind-blown sand dunes, canopy of leaves, billowy clouds and golden glows of sunrise. These are reflect in the layout and textured ceilings, as well as the shiny and matt gold columns, the beautifully marbled floors and the tasteful décor fixtures that outfit the interior. In addition to wider walkways, chic displays and an overall exclusive but also cozy atmosphere.

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