Olymp Augsburg

Development of a store concept — Willy-Brandt-Platz 1, 86153 Augsburg, Germany — 96 m² — 23.05.2019 — Olymp Bezner KG

New store concept

The interior designers developed a new concept for the Olymp store in Augsburg's City Galerie. The shirt manufacturer is known for combining high-quality materials, workmanship and attractive design with a casual look. Since 2010 blocher partners worked on several projects for Olymp, like Concept und realisation of a fair booth for Olymp Signature at the Premium Berlin.

To meet the demands of a fast-paced life, fashion has to be flexible. Customers are looking for shirts with a casual look, in addition to the classic business style. And this is a fact that the planners took into consideration when designing the new store concept. It is based on a clear and reduced formal language: reserved, minimalist, with lots of flexibility, so the fashion can make an impact and the customer can be inspired.

Where customer and consultant meet

The Olymp range is presented on the walls as well as on some flexible, central furniture. Display shelves can be installed easily on rails mounted between the black ceiling slats, allowing for flexible use of space in response to changing wares.

The store’s centrepiece is a brushed oak community table, where customer and consultant meet. Using a touch screen integrated into the tabletop, customers can access the entire Olymp fashion world and configure the shirt that best meets their needs, order it on the spot, try it on and buy it. The best of the analogue and digital worlds, at their fingertips.

Enjoy a virtual tour at the store

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