ne conception - interior design - multilabel store - premium women's wear - Michael Meyer Liza & Yves Bochum - building facade - store entrance - illuminated shop windows

Michael Meyer Liza & Yves Bochum

Conception of a multilabel store for premium women's wear — Kortum-Karree, Huestraße 21-23, 44787 Bochum, Germany — 360 m² — Meyer Potz Verwaltungs GmbH

New dimensions

For the high-class store Liza & Yves, blocher partners created a breathtaking space within the Kortum-Karree in Bochum. The former Westfalenbank House, one of the most prestigious buildings in the city, extends within the prime shopping district on the Huestraße pedestrian zone between Kortumstraße and Luisenstraße. Prior to the conversion of this 13,650 m² building complex, a staircase led from the entryway up to the main floor. The architects managed, through leveling the floor, to create this impressively five meters high ceiling that really makes you go “wow”. Well-balanced grandeur for the exclusive brands.

World of luxury

The combination of materials and colors in the gray to taupe range as well as wood textures generate a warm environment with a welcoming atmosphere, encircled by the interplay of ceilings: Dark grey ribbing seamlessly blends walls with ceiling, punctuated by the rhythm of symmetrically placed spotlights. Here, the Casual Fashion World serves up brands like Moncler, Closed or Schumacher, with a side of exclusive shoes and accessories. Another eye catcher is the solid walnut table on which selected merchandise are presented.

In the back of the store, an open, filigree cube, decorated in taupe and gold, hangs from the ceiling, shaping the space below. It’s like a crowning glory for a luxury site: International top brands like Brunello Cucinelli, Prada or Gucci, framed in tones of gold and bronze and complemented by glimmering, dark grey surfaces. Carpeting designed by textile artist Jan Kath creates ambience through its abstract, baroque-inspired pattern. A theme that the typenraum graphic artists pick up in the design of the cube, creating a stylistic unity out of opulent patterns and colors. Literal warmth is created by the fireplace, which is set into a darkly gleaming, floor-to-ceiling monolith. The interplay between the elements of spatial design and the finest brands sends out a clear message: Michael Meyer Liza & Yves represents the new world of fashion and luxury.

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