Mama Trattoria Hamburg-Eppendorf

  • Development and realisation of a gastronomic branch store concept
  • Lehmweg 44, 20251 Hamburg, Germany
  • 180 m²
  • 2013
  • Mama Restaurants GmbH

The essence of Italy

mama is the modern design interpretation of a trattoria. It's a restaurant that concentrates on the essentials: Italian cuisine. The name pays homage to all Italian mothers, whose recipes served as an inspiration for the design concept.

Bright wooden floors and tables, white chairs, bright walls – Mediterranean and Scandinavian influences mix up to a very new sense of life. In this spacious restaurant with an area of approximately 180 square metres, guests can choose between different seating arrangements: the main space promises conviviality with its long table where people can sit together. Additionally there's a bar with some higher seats, an area with bench seats and chairs and a lounge in the rear part of the restaurant. Here, an Italian wall painting draws the attention, while in the main dining area a large wall catches the eye, on which the names of Italian women are inscribed, symbolizing all Italian mothers.