Hybridbuilding Jukovka - Moscow

Draft design of a business and shopping center — Jukovka — Moskau, Russia — 12,000 m² — 2002 — Podium Fashion

A bond with nature

This Business Center, located in the Jukovka district on Moscow's outskirts, has made a statement with its unconventional architectural design: rounded structures alternate with straight lines, lending harmonic proportions to the five-storey building, despite its massive size.

The choice of materials is inspired by the colours of the park-like, wooded surroundings. Rough stone, laminated glass and horizontal copper elements work well with the natural environment. Thanks to the glass joints that connect the building segments, brightly lit entrances were created, whose open spaces are defined by sculptural, elliptical spiral staircases. Generous windows provide a view into the green surroundings; copper surfaces pick up the theme of the façade. The Business Center is connected to a designer department store. The organic proportions round off the building complex: The curves open out towards the surroundings and communicate the high quality range of products.