department store - restructuring and extension - Galeria Leipzig Moscow - shop overview - round concept - room divider

Galeria Leipzig Moscow

Restructuring and extension of the department store — Akademika Vargi 8, 117133 Mocow, Russia — 4.000 m² — 2011 — HC Boutique, Russia


Every successful marketing process starts with structure – and that is true, too, for the Galeria Leipzig Department Store of the HC Group in Moscow. Impulses grow into ideas, information unwinds. Brands and customers meet in spaces, touching each other; complex relationships become experiences.

The strength of the store is its versatility. Each department displays its own clear handwriting, which merges into the design of the overall view. Take the Premium Department: The area is defined in some instances by rounded shapes, in others by straight lines. Honeycomb pattern meet chain curtains, mirrors meet floral ornaments. The lighting is sometimes subtle, sometimes integrated as an eye-catcher into the ceiling installation that recalls a stalactite formation. The colours: lots of white, with earthy accents of golden brown to green. It's an elegant ambiance for Moscow's demanding clientele.

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