CJ Schmidt Husum

  • Redesign of two shoe departments (men & women) at a department store
  • Krämerstraße 1-7, 25813 Husum, Germany
  • 733 m²
  • March 2017
  • C.J. Schmidt GmbH, Husum

A new world of shoes in the north

Back in 2012, blocher partners carried out a comprehensive redesign of the CJ Schmidt department store. Since then, this landmark fashion house on the Husum waterfront, with its sales floor of more than 11,000 square meters, has been a guiding light for retail trade in northern Germany. Now, the Stuttgart-based architectural firm blocher partners has taken the redesign a step further: The new department for women’s shoes and accessories in the first underground level and the men’s shoe department in the first floor above ground beckon customers with a total of 733 square meters of gross floor space. The women’s shoe department has it all: from luxurious and modern to classic and trendy. Since 2002, blocher partners has been collaborating with C.J. Schmidt GmbH, amongst others: CJ Schmidt Sport Husum.

Customers enter a world of soft, feminine shapes, with cushy furnishings upholstered in shades of rosé and dusty silver, and circular accent lighting. All colors, shapes and materials work in harmony, creating an elegant atmosphere. Visitors are drawn into the depths of the space, where the interior designers have staged premium products in a setting resembling a jewelry box: Floral motifs decorate the highlight wall, where the most sophisticated, high-quality shoes are found. Grey curtains help create a homey atmosphere; fabrics in shimmering metallic and golden tones meet the softness of velour rugs, setting up a subtle contrast with wooden cubes. The new women’s shoe department embodies an upscale aura: A variety of mid-space furnishings compliments the delicately designed display systems, and decorative moldings frame the walls.

For the men’s shoe department, the interior designers created a decidedly masculine world, with lots of straight lines, dark metals and cognac-colored upholstery. It adds up to a clear, well-structured surface against neutral gray background: the perfect setting for a wide variety of premium and casual shoes and sneakers. A rustic old-wood wall sets the mood and provides interesting contrasts through the interplay with an elegant, herringbone-patterned décor, inspired by the classic material of which men’s suits are made. Flexibility was an important requirement for the client, so the designers created a modular furniture system that can be adjusted and adapted. For CJ Schmidt, the new shoe departments represent a step up: Customers can assemble complete outfits and find the right shoes, to boot.