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Bründl Sports Salzburg

Conversion and extension of a sports outlet — MacArthurGlen Designer-Outlet Salzburg, Kasernenstraße 1, 5073 Wals-Himmelreich, Austria — 2,500 m² — 2017 — Bründl Sports GmbH

Mall Dressed Up

Bründl – the Kaprun-based sports retailer – has reached new heights with its emotional marketing ap-proach. To get why this family business has been the driving force behind this branch for so long, just visit the firm’s newly redesigned and expanded store in Salzburg. Since 2007, blocher partners has been collaborating with Bründl. Its accomplishments include Bründl Kaprun.

This outlet in Wals-Himmelreich holds a special position among the two-dozen branch locations. And customers feel like they’re above the clouds in this store, which now boasts three levels. The sales floor, already expanded from 400 to 1,600 square meters, now totals an impressive 2,500 square meters thanks to the added underground level. Not only is the Salzburg store Bründl’s largest branch; it is also the mall’s biggest tenant. The out-let offers almost the entire retail sports range, from skiing to running, from fitness and tennis to outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. The quality of stay, which was already fantastic before, has reached a new peak thanks to a polar station with snow-making system, a shoe testing track, a climbing wall and video wall, a crawling tunnel, and a bar and lounge. Almost all the outlet’s departments were redesigned and significantly improved – without interrupting the store’s regular operation.

In keeping with the location’s design requirements, clients move through a world of stylishly blended materials and colors. The underground department, dubbed “Supersale,” is not about sale frenzies; rather, it provides a pleasant atmosphere with its calm interplay of metal ceiling grids, back walls of stained maritime pine with a touch of orange varnish, and oak flooring. Bründl’s commitment to shop aura and emotional marketing can be seen in details like the silver-colored wall covering behind display stands; carpets with intense colors; spacious changing cabins; and the café bar on the upper floor, where one can take a break for a snack and even charge one’s cell phone. It’s all in the details: Of course the crawl-through tunnel didn’t have to be brilliant yellow; one didn’t have to have a cooling chamber with thermal imaging camera that shows your body temperature; and the 15-square-meter test track didn’t absolutely require a water course. Clients would still come to Bründl even if there were no service desk or tailoring department available even to clients of other stores. But this is how retail works: You create a space that provides many options for personal communication and connections between client and wares. The Bründl outlet invites you to talk, to network, to consider an adventure, and all-in-all to pro-mote the Bründl spirit – from the valley on up to the mountaintop.

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