Barbarossa City Outlet Gelnhausen

Conversion of a department store to an inner-city outlet — Im Ziegelhaus, 63571 Gelnhausen, Germany — 14,000 m² — 2018 — Barbarossa City Outlet GmbH & Co. KG, Gelnhausen

A city in town

In the middle of Gelnhausen, the architects planned Hesse's first inner-city outlet centre with a sales area of around 14,000 square metres. The designers thus combine the railway station area and the historic town centre with its half-timbered houses and narrow alleys and ensure a revitalisation of the town centre.

In addition to the overall planning for the revitalisation and redesign of the Barbarossa Outlet Centre, blocher partners were also responsible for its corporate design. The architects also upgraded the surrounding urban space - such as the nearby Kinzig riverbank. The (interior) architectural concept is inspired by the local architectural history of the location.

Characteristic for the redesign and new conception of the area will be the outer shell of the outlet - a finely meshed, metal mesh provides a perforated second skin that spans the structure. The architects have also taken up the design element of the filigree chain structure on the inside. The suspended ceilings not only provide an eye-catching feature with their metal mesh, but also serve as a pathway for visitors. On four levels, visitors will find a shopping world that goes far beyond the offerings of a shopping mall. In addition to the brand shops and gastronomic offerings, the architects integrate historical references to the Gelnhausen location into their concept.

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