Mixed-use ensemble Tübingen

Planning of a mixed-use ensemble — Karlstraße 11, 72072 Tübingen, Germany — Karl 11 GbR

Attractive temporary living space

Only recently, Karlstrasse was redesigned as a limited traffic zone. It leads from the railway station in Tübingen toward the historical old town. The idea driving the proposed residential blocks was to provide attractive and sustainably designed housing for students and likewise for commuters.

The proposal has two elements: Firstly, there is an existing building from the turn of the 20th century that has been modernized and now provides apartments as well as office space, including a bakery and café on the ground floor, and secondly, a new build apartment block consisting of two interlinked sections with 61 fully furnished single or multi-room flats at the back. Inhabitants access the apartments through the inner courtyard, which is partly greened, or via the covered walkways with their vines.

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