Lanserhof Tegernsee Waakirchen

Interior design concept for a health care centre — Gut Steinberg 1-4, 83666 Marienstein/Waakirchen, Germany — 21,000 m² — Lanserhof GmbH, Germany

Noble restraint

With its so-called LANS Med Concept, Lanserhof – already a leader in regenerative and preventive medicine - has become a pioneer in the medicine of tomorrow. The tradition continues in the beautiful environment of the Tegernsee Valley.

Architecture and interior design are based on the principle of "less is more," with guests and their healing being the top priority. Reduced and simple forms, natural materials and loads of light create an atmosphere somewhere between Zen Buddhism and lounge. In the public area, the otherwise open spaces are divided by metal structures, sometimes with wooden panels. The ceiling employs different materials to define different areas, such as restaurant, lounge or library: Some ceilings are of suspended wood; others feature open, grey-coloured panels from which white sails hang. Special lighting adds unique accent to the understated aesthetics. All the flooring is of natural stone, with occasional rugs in shades of beige and grey. Wood back panels pick up the recurring nature theme here and there, carrying it impressively through the entire centre: Through large picture windows one can see the Tegernsee region and the large interior courtyard. Light-coloured curtains punctuate the space, allowing gentle light to fill the room. The result is a panorama of nature and design, which guests can enjoy from the comfort of their lounge chairs. The eye is drawn to the fireplaces with their dark, narrow-monolith chimneys, which add pizazz to the cosy atmosphere. Also elegantly modest are the furnishing of some 70 rooms and suites. In these private lodgings, natural-stone walls meet high-gloss surfaces and glass elements.

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