Daycare Center Zauberlehrling Ilvesheim

New construction of a daycare center — Goethestraße 15, 68549 Ilvesheim, Germany — 1.400 m² — 2015 — Heinrich-Vetter-Stiftung, Ilvesheim

An enchanting place

Surrounded by nature and art, the daycare center Zauberlehrling is a place of togetherness. A place that allows for a great range of activites for 90 kids - inside and outside. The building itself doesn't boast with large architectonic gestures but keeps it pleasantly simple. At the same time the planners have connected old and new. Lamellas meander from the neighbouring villa of the Heinrich-Vetter foundation to the daycare centre - and conncect topography as well as the neighbouring consutrctions to one harmonic unity.

The building comprises 1,400 square metres of gross floor area. All three floors are accessible from outside. This makes the single group rooms independent from each other, each group can spend its day freely. The communicative heart of the house is the central, two-storey atrium whit plenty of daylight thanks to the glazed roofing. A bright and friendly room from where the single rooms are accessible.

Goethe's ballad „Zauberlehrling" (Sorcerer's Apprentice) has influenced the childhood of generations. Ever since Disney's "Fanatsia" hit the screens even the smallest children know the amusing story of the unskillful apprentice who - once left alone - causes quite a chaos. What a coincidence that the new daycare centre is located in the street Geothestrasse. It was never so easy to find a right name.

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