Goethe-Quartier-Anlage Heidelberg

New construction of a mixed-use quarter — Kurfürsten Anlage, Heidelberg, Germany — Diringer & Scheidel Unternehmensgruppe

Harmonious transition

A new, mixed-usage quarter is fast arising on one of the main urban arteries in Heidelberg. While the ensemble facing the Kurfürsten-Anlage forms an urban edge, the buildings facing Weststadt and the public square towards the District Court are terraced to create a harmonious transition and breathe new life into the urban fabric. At the same time, the ensemble which is partly designed as a timber construction, acts as an intermediary between the late 19th-century buildings in Bergheim and Weststadt, on the one hand, and the large-sized new builds on Kurfürsten Anlage. The intensive greening of the roofs and terraces serves to foster a favourable micro-climate.

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