Fintech Iconic Tower

New construction of a mixed-used complex with residential areas, offices and commercial space — Street No. 333, Kolkata Newtown, India — 96.875 m² — HIDCO Bhaban (West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation Ltd.)

New landmark in the New Town district of Kolkata

blocher partners has designed the Fintec Iconic Tower for the very center of New Town, a new district currently under construction on the northeastern outskirts of the Indian city of Kolkata. The building complex is located at the end of a stretch of green, an oasis in the heart of this urban conurbation with its 4.5 million residents. The ensemble boasts two eye-catching towers which act as a landmark.
Residential buildings, commercial facilities, the relevant infrastructure and extensive green areas are currently arising across a total area of 2,800 hectares in Kolkata’s New Town district. The Iconic Towers, with their mixture of homes, offices, retail outlets and integrated parking, blend perfectly into the urban masterplan shaping the fabric of this new quarter.

The 140-meter-high towers with their 39 stories have been designed to interact with their surroundings. The architects have opted for a greened podium with staggered levels that act as an extension of the park areas outside. The three stories in question house attractive retail units that stand out for the generous shop frontage. The four levels of day-lit parking situated directly above them make for convenient and easy access.

Intelligent façade structure, greened communal areas

Two corresponding towers, the one destined for residential use, the other for commercial activities, rise up from this joint podium. The idea behind the design is that the building looks completely different depending on your vantage point. The side facing the city presents the towers in a decidedly urban light. By contrast, the side looking out over the park is characterized by regular overhangs in the building volume. Greened atriums form the interface between the two and are protected by a refined “skin” made of wire meshing. This greenery again references the parklands outside and ensures pleasant ambient temperatures inside the buildings.
The façade structure is a real eye-catcher: although they share the same basic grid, the two towers clearly differ in terms of execution. The alternation between closed and open sections lends the residential tower a very vibrant, irregular appearance. By contrast, the office tower’s frontage features clarity and regularity. Its vertical shading elements together create diagonals and thus a three-dimensional building shell that changes its appearance depending on where you are standing.


Ecological aspects played a major role in the design of the Iconic Towers. The footprints foster cross-ventilation and air exchange, thus lowering the energy inputs for air conditioning. Graywater recycling and the use of rainwater contribute to the buildings’ sustainability profile. Shading elements lend the façade its own special character. Moreover, the ground plans are very flexible. Access to the building complex was planned carefully, with different entrances depending on type of usage – be it for retail, offices or residents. Overall, the focus is on clarity and ease of orientation.
A Sky Bar, which is open to the public, is the project’s crowning glory: The roof-top terrace with its view out over the lines of the landscaped park below, forms a brand new hotspot. Especially when combined with the residential tower’s communal terrace. A great place to relax and enjoy the sunset. The concept is rounded out by additional services and shared facilities including a swimming pool, café, restaurant, yoga terrace, gym facilities, movie theater, library, multi-purpose rooms, playgrounds and play areas. In this way, both residents and visitors can enjoy a whole range of additional conveniences.

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