Diocese Building Speyer

Concept for the user of a former diocese building — Johannesstraße 8, 67346 Speyer, Germany — 16,400 m² — Diringer & Scheidel Unternehmensgruppe

A lively quarter

blocher partners was awarded first prize for designing the subsequent use of the former diocese building in a planning and investor competition. The main design ideas: to emphasise the diocese, church and outside facilities, to retain an urban image and to future-proof the ensemble. The use concept involves a mixture of housing forms, from service housing and assisted living to residential units. This social aspect favours the use of the church as a venue and contributes to its sustainability.

The urban form is gently supplemented architecturally; the buildings are modified to a uniform three storeys plus roof. The design has a very homogeneous effect and fits in well with its surroundings, also because of the preservation of the façades with the very gentle and well-proportioned arrangement of windows. The combination of private and public use on 7,000 square metres creates a lively quarter, geared to the needs of its residents – and at the same time linked to its historical significance. Since 2007, blocher partners has been collaborating with blocher partners, amongst others: Q 6 Q 7 Mannheim New construction of a mixed used quarter.

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