Baufeld 5 Ludwigshafen

New residential district — Rheinallee, 67059 Ludwigshafen, Germany — 35,900 m² — 08/2020 — Diringer & Scheidel Wohn- und Gewerbebau GmbH, Mannheim, Germany

Modern residential ensemble

Ludwigshafen is continuing its transformation from industrial centre to liveable city on the river. With Construction Site 5, yet another urban area is available for residential development. The concept, which won the architectural competition, provides for about 200 apartments of varying sizes on a gross floor space of approximately 22,500 square metres. Since 2007, blocher partners has been collaborating with the Diringer & Scheidel Unternehmensgruppe.
The special quality of this housing in a densely populated urban area results from its high level of greening and the arrangement of structures around open courtyards. The new buildings relate to their environment: The vertical differentiation of the façades preserves the sense of scale and integrates the new buildings harmoniously into the urban context. A horizontal emphasis in the courtyard provides cohesion. The interplay between the new apartment houses and the neighbouring building results in a gateway that distinguishes the residential area.

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