Zeitgeist 2012

Design, implementation, graphic design, editing and production — 188 pages — 2012 — blocher partners

Mastering The Dance

It's an annual challenge: How does a holistically oriented, interdisciplinary architecture and design firm tell the world about its varied projects? How does it convey the close integration of architecture, interior design, style and communication to current and potential customers?

It is the task of typenraum to demonstrate that its enterprise is not merely dancing at many weddings but also has mastered the different dance moves. No simple slide show, "Zeitgeist" is a fine choreography of word and image – thus transmitting in a playful manner the meaning of contemporary brand management in two- and three-dimensional space. The fact that experts have a forum here and that trends are described makes the publication a seismograph for the latest in its field: the name Zeitgeist fits.

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