Zeitgeist 2011

  • Design, implementation, graphic design, editing and production
  • 260 pages
  • annually
  • blocher partners


New name, new format, proven quality. In 2011, blocher partners published its yearbook as a textual objet d'art, that any library would be flattered to own. Bound in dark grey fabric, the new name speaks volumes: Zeitgeist, or spirit of the times. This yearbook provides fascinating glimpses into the portfolio of the enterprise: Together with its subsidiaries – blocher shops and typenraum – blocher Partners offers a close integration of building construction, interior design, style and communication.

Zeitgeist's main focus is on encounters with builders; sketches; renderings; plans; and photographs. It also includes impressions that employees bring back from their domestic and foreign travels. Instead of taking a superficial advertising tack, Blocher Blocher Partners highlights the unique perspective and exciting themes that characterize the firm's work.