Zeitgeist 1989–2014

Publisher, concept, graphic design, editor, production — 264 pages — 2014 — blocher partners

25 years and not in the least bit aged

The illustrious story of the owner-led company blocher partners, which moved continually in and around the world, can be read in this edition of Zeitgeist.

The anniversary issue of the yearbook, designed by typenraum, is excellent in every respect: comprehensive with around 260 pages, an increase of 30 percent compared with the previous year, the blockbuster presents itself as a "two in one" version. Two parts of the book, "Gallery" and "People building" move toward each other in opposite directions of reading. Whilst the gallery iconographically presents exceptional work ranging from the start-up of the office to the future, the part "People building" approaches long-standing clients on an emotional level. Matter versus human, constructions versus constructing.

In between the sections Gallery and People building, another chapter has been inserted which is less about the projects or the customers, but more about the day-to-day life in the office community. This is all about competitions, awards, excursions, about the staff, their memories of the workplace and about the story of the company, the latter being also a story about growth, expansion and diversification.

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