Unfold 2015

  • conception, realisation, graphic design, editing and production
  • 208 pages
  • annually
  • blocher partners, Stuttgart

Yearbook Reloaded

Good design is always evolving. That also applies to this annual which has reinvented itself this year. On the cover, lines and surfaces, embossings and lacquerings merge to spatial cubes – as a reference to the three-dimensional process of creation. The title "Unfold" is an invitation to browse and turn pages, to look and discover – and to be inspired by stories and projects. "Unfold!" also applies to the company itself that gives insights, outlooks and glances behind the curtain. On 208 pages, the group of companies unfolds all its creativity. Inside, there is firstly the project part with striking images and a clearly structured design, derived from the principles of architecture. Read the ebook

On the other hand: the centrally placed „magazine-in-book" where design and text break away from these formalities to depict the lavish variety of design and writing. An emotional highlight that engages itself with all the varieties of design – including collages, illustrations and typography. Supported by natural paper that emphasises the imagery; creating a look and feel that clearly distinguishes these pages from the other, snow-white and photo-friendly pages of the book. Despite all diversity the all over design stays true to itself which can be interpreted as meta reference: to the office with its many disciplines that unite to one voice.


The diversity of blocher partners is a unique selling point: architecture, interior design, design and communication, three locations and 170 employees who work hand ind hand to focus their potential to the big picture. With stunning images and profound texts, the annual publication depicts the variety of projects within one year – and invites the reader to marvel and reflect. Read the ebook

This annual is more than a monography. But it connects space and design with faces and stories. Clearly structured project reports alternate with articles and reportages, portraits and essays about contemporary topics. Together they form a vivid image of modern design. And, at the same time, they represent the knowhow and philosophy of the group of companies.