Toni – Corporate Design

  • Corporate design, logo development
  • Konrad-Ott-Straße 1, 91391 Forchheim, Germany
  • Toni Dress Damenmoden GmbH

Im Namen der Hose

In their reinvention of this fashion label, typenraum started where the entire brand message compacts into a single symbol: the logo.

For a long time, the symbol for Toni was a red dot. But the product statement had changed along with its target group, and this transformation needed new branding – blending quality, fit and timeless elegance into a unique fingerprint.

Vivid Imagination

Now, the red dot has ben replaced by a veritable "O" – no frills – with the other three large capital letters lined up rank and file. Homage to Paul Renner, whose well-known Futura font has been proudly and obviously updated here. The initial letter, "T", is now a logo. It picks up on the dynamics of the target group: women who are old enough know what they want out of life, who are able to enjoy themselves and want to look good to boot. The traditional dot has, as it were, dematerialized and taken the form of a stylized flower, reminiscent of the silky petals of a poppy.

The shimmering bright red is reduced to its pure essence, an elegantly curved silhouette that consists of a single dynamic line. And this line, in its floral aesthetic, crystallizes into an iconographic logo that embodies the entire message of the new branding: as expressive as a calligraphic letter, as full of character as handwriting, as complex and radiant as the woman who favours Toni fashions.