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Shops Magazine 119

Overall conception, art direction, editorial, layout, realisation — 76 pages — 10,000 copies — umdasch Store Makers GmbH, Amstetten, Austria

Corporate Publishing (shops 119)

The Austrian Umdasch Shopfitting Group – one of the most successful shopfitting companies on the market – presents brands in space. The company shows off its expertise in a magazine for the market, presenting both its achievements and new trends. The magazine, which typenraum redesigned in 2013, experienced a soft relaunch this year. The motto of the 119th edition is »Analog, digital, collegial.« Since 2013, typenraum has been collaborating with umdasch. Its accomplishments include Shops Magazine 150.

What’s next? shops, the international magazine for retail and shop design, asks where retail is headed in its shops 119 issue. Omni channel order management is the buzzword of the day. The magazine delivers answers and offers insights into the ways in which today’s retail market can be viewed. Presenting his ideas is Kai Hudetz, one of the most renowned retail experts in Europe; he reveals how online retail is changing spaces, the range of offerings, and adding value, as well as how static retail stores can use all of this to their advantage. Christoph Bründl, a second-generation member of the Austrian family-run business, recounts the key competencies upon which he relies when it comes to the fashion and sporting goods retail business, as well as how he defies the hype surrounding online shopping.
The results of the large-scale retail study conducted by Umdasch Digital Retail and Winnovation are also exclusively presented within the pages of this issue of shops magazine. The study looks at the market needs of over 400 retailers, retail experts, and consumers from Europe and Canada, and at what retailers should build upon in the future. Current Umdash store projects can be viewed in the photo gallery of the magazine — these images take the reader on a trip moving from Europe, across Moscow, and all the way to the Middle East, and are sprinkled with the personal stories and anecdotes of Umdasch Store Makers. The story “Everything in View” presents the company’s general contracting service offerings and points out logistical solutions using a mega-rollout project as an example.

A tactile experience

The communications experts at typenraum conceptualized the graphic design, supervised the editorial work, and were also responsible for the editing, execution, and production of the corporate publishing magazine shops 119. The interdisciplinary focus of the project allowed for a harmonious and visually appealing interlinking of the subject matter and its look and feel. What emerged is a publication that focuses on Umdasch Shopfitting’s core competencies.
All aspects surrounding the theme analog-digital are examined from different points of view, and numerous approaches to solutions are given. Illustrations visualize the content in a clear and creative way. The cover „Love digital, love analog“ refers to a successful linking of digital and analog aspects, ignites the reader’s curiosity, and invites him or her to explore the magazine. Additionally, the use of embossing turns the design into a tactile experience.
Readers can now look forward to the next issue, shops 120. Here, the Umdash Group offers a special look into the history of this successful family business and celebrates its 150th anniversary, which will be commemorated with an opulent edition of the magazine.

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