Shops Magazin 116

  • Overall graphic conception, art direction, editorial support, layout, realisation, proof-reading and production
  • 74 pages
  • 11.000 copies
  • Umdasch Shopfitting Group GmbH

True Values

What does the retail stand for? A key question which the 116th edition of “Shops”, the international magazine for retail and store design, tries to answer. A publication that focuses on the theme “values”: honesty, safety, reliability. What importance do these general principles have for the retail business – and how are they authentically realised? “Shops” delivers answers and offers insights. The readers are introduced to Li Edelkoort, the grande dame of trend research, learn more about her approaches, her opinions and prospects. Umdasch Shopfitting chairman Silvio Kirchmair talks in a large interview about the new company division viBIZ und tells about his very own idea of the future. The Asian megacity Singapure commends itself as green metropolis. And the retail group Globus breaks new ground with its concept Fridel Markt & Restaurant. Since 2013, typenraum has been collaborating with umdasch. Its accomplishments include Shops Magazine 150.

Die Kommunikationsexperten von typenraum haben „Shops“ 116 grafisch konzipiert, redaktionell begleitet und waren auch für Lektorat, Realisation und Produktion zuständig. Dank der interdisziplinären Ausrichtung gelang eine ebenso stimmige wie visuell ansprechende Verzahnung von Inhalten und äußerem Erscheinungsbild. Beispiel Cover: Hinter dem Titel „Wahre Werte“ verweist eine filigrane Baumrinden-Struktur auf das Thema Nachhaltigkeit. Eine zusätzliche Strukturlack-Veredelung lässt die Borke fühlbar werden und macht den Entwurf zum haptischen Erlebnis.

A Haptic Experience

The communication experts at Blocher Blocher View have graphically conceived “Shops 116”, accompanied it editorial-wise and were also responsible for the proof-reading, realisation and production. Thanks to the interdisciplinary orientation they achieved a as well consistent as visually appealing interlocking of contents and outward appearance.

Take the cover as an example: behind the title “True Values” a filigree tree bark structure refers to the sustainability theme. An additional structure lacquer let the bark become tactile and creates a haptic experience.