Graphic conception, art direction, editorial - Umdasch Shopfitting Group - Shops Magazin 115 - cover page

Shops Magazin 115

Overall graphic conception, art direction, editorial support, layout, realisation, proof-reading and production — 68 pages — 11.500 copies — bi-annual — Umdasch Shopfitting Group GmbH

Luxury in stock

The “Golden Issue” – this would be a suitable description for the latest edition of the “Shops” magazine which was graphically conceptualised and designed by typenram, as well as editorially supported. The title, embellished with a surface reminiscent of leaf gold, gleams in a baroque fashion at the reader. An eye-catcher, which refers artfully to the overarching theme of “Luxury in Stock”, a leitmotif running throughout the magazine. Since 2013, typenraum has been collaborating with umdasch. Its accomplishments include Shops Magazine 150.
This time the content is all about an impressive stroll through the global premium and travel retail scene. One contribution for example, depicts the Hamad International Airport which opened in Doha (Qatar) in 2014: an experiential airport, which is turned into an experience with its retail and catering areas. Besides this, questions are answered, such as how and why the food trade is turning increasingly to noble product ranges and refinement strategies. A journal of a stay in the luxury hotel Kameha Grand Bonn reveals what the retail industry can learn from star hotels, whilst captions such as “Gallery”, “Store Check” or “The final word” round off the magazine of the Umdasch Shopfitting Group. Thus with “Shops”, the internationally well-known shop fitter delivers a multi-faceted specialist magazine, which reflects not only the company’s achievements but also analyses important retail trends.

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