Colliers Retail real estate report 2013

Conception, Realisation, Publication and Production — 82 pages — 2.500 copies — Colliers Bräutigam & Krämer GmbH

Unmistakably Different

The project developers and real estate experts at Colliers Bräutigam & Krämer know the Stuttgart market like the backs of their hands. In the Stuttgart area, the company is the market leader in project building development, mediating real estate investment commercial rentals and investment generally. Blocher Blocher View have re-launched the company's retail report in order to portray its competence yet more clearly and comprehensively. The 82-page brochure describes the real-estate situation in Stuttgart with plans and photos, facts and figures as well as journalistic articles. Since 2012, typenraum has been collaborting with Colliers, amongst others: Conception, Realisation, Publication and Production of Retail real estate report.
The reader thus learns not only about the advantages of Stuttgart as a location but also, in equal measure, about Colliers' expertise. The brochure describes the top locations of the city and its neighbourhoods in detail, and presents the company's projects and rental opportunities – informatively, illustratively and visually appealing.

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