blocher partners – Werk 0910

Design, implementation, graphic design, editing and production — 140 pages — 2009 — blocher partners

News in architecture and design

Each year, Werk 0910 provides illuminating insights into architecture, interior design and style. The blocher partners yearbook unites professional photography with high quality journalistic texts, providing an entertaining introduction to the range of services provided by this interdisciplinary team. Werk 0910 constantly reinvents itself, depending on the nature of a given project.

This time, the publication resembled a sketchbook, due to the fact that many current works are still in progress. This was expressed in numerous design features, such as the envelop decorated with adhesive residue and the rubber band borrowed from a notebook, as well as in drawings, sketches and small blocks of text that appear to be notes jotted during creative brainstorming.

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