blocher partners – Perspectives 2010

Konzeption, Realisation, Grafikdesign, Redaktion und Produktion — 146 Seiten — 2010 — blocher partners

The Cover as Façade

The creative business area documents the close connection of architecture, interior design, product design, visual merchandising and corporate publishing – the central business areas for which Blocher Blocher Partners and its subsidiaries, Blocher Blocher Shops and Blocher Blocher View provide their skills. A year's work is presented both retrospectively and in anticipation, both informatively and as entertainment. The design focal point of the Yearbook is "Perspectives". The three branches of the group are illustrated by way of vanishing points. Cutouts in the cover of various sizes expose the windows that provide initial insights.

As one leafs through, additional aspects emerge and ultimately are concentrated as themes. Red, yellow and blue, the colours of the three branches blocherPartners, blocher Shops and typenraum, respectively, provide further points of indication and navigate the reader virtually intuitively through the book. The cover is to be read as an architectural façade, as a powerful statement for the basic themes architecture and design. In terms of content, too, a particular perspective is central – the personal view of the participant. In that way, the theme "Perspectives" is carried through consistently, with regard both to design and content.

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