social culture—

urban planning, architecture, interior design

We create complexity.
Our architecture offers structure, orientation, and multi-faceted environments. We develop spaces for people to have encounters and exchanges. We create both residential and public buildings, administrative and industrial buildings, buildings for residential care, as well as multifunctional hybrid buildings.

Diversity is our motto.
The spectrum of our work ranges from residential homes to high-rise buildings, shopping areas to office complexes, and from convention centres to parliament buildings. We bring out the uniqueness of each space and translate its qualities into palpable situations, or shall we say, into an invitation to converse?

Our design approach puts people’s needs and motivations into the forefront.
People are our incentive, our benchmark, and they have the final word. Whether in Asia or in Central Europe, whether big or small: architecture comes about both with and for our clients. Our commitment to people and their environment is palpable within our own offices, rooted in the knowledge, commitment and passion of our staff stemming from 24 different countries.

Our work is purposeful and sustainable, and our answers are multi-faceted.
Ultimately, our architecture creates a sense of home and communicates a feeling that we have arrived and that we have been uplifted. This is enabled through architects who look outside of the box and give buildings their unique character.