semiotic culture—

brand communication, corporate design, guiding systems, digital marketing

Communication connects.
The broad-based communications agency typenraum, while a part of blocher partners, also positions itself independently. Typenraum consists of designers, graphic and otherwise, editors, and digital marketing experts, Psychologists and sociologists that use neither blinders nor artificial boundaries. Our information society shapes the way we think, navigating data networks is an integral part of our daily lives, but it is important that we do not get lost in it all. At typenraum, we create communication, as we believe that clear communication is the key that allows us to not get lost.

In this way, we bring worlds together:
paper and physical space, network and social media. Specifically, this means that we plan all-around campaigns from social media all the way to exhibition stands, from door signs and goodie bags all the way to the magazine that they are a part of. One could call it a holistic approach, since we believe in a comprehensive worldview. And it is with this approach that we develop brands and help to strengthen them on an ongoing basis: through digital as well as analogue means, in the net and on paper, as a Tweet or as management system assistance in physical space.

We build bridges between ‘social culture’ and ‘trade culture’, thereby creating a ‘semiotic culture’.
Our work is interdisciplinary so that communication becomes memorable and clear rather than one-dimensional. We always have our clients and their users in mind, and we make sure that they like what they get. Alfred Hitchcock knew it when he said: ‘Give your guests what they expect, but give it to them in an unexpected way.’ In this way, we too, aim to always remain surprising and fresh.