Kaiser S1 Freiburg

  • Umbau eines Men's Young-Fashion Stores
  • Schusterstraße 1, 79098 Freiburg, Deutschland
  • 440 m²
  • 2015
  • Spezialhaus für Herrenkleidung GmbH

Tart freshness

Entering S1, you might be reminded of an old Berlin building that's never been renovated. The sales levels on the ground floor and first aboveground floor have the patina of staged decay. On some shelves, the paint is peeling; faded graffiti adorns the walls and brick is showing through under the plaster. On the ceilings: areas of lightly yellowed stucco. Conventional is so yesterday! S1 is today: Cool and rough, provocative – while still clear and consistent in its message.
Since 1993, blocher partners has been collaborating with Kaiser. Its accomplishments include the Redesign of a Young Women's Fashion Store.

On the ground floor, the house brand embraces the brands Superdry, Boss Orange and Scotch & Soda. Greige stone tiles show off details – from doodles on the walls to the specially developed system of water pipes held together by coarse thread. This design also forms the framework for the wall units, in which perforated metal plates serve as shelves. Adding flair to the interior are an old mail sorting cabinet – of course including the original subjects labels – and industrial lamps from the 60s. Another eye-catcher is the leather table – more sculpture than display furniture – which, like the accompanying lone leather chair – is reminiscent of 70s style. In the dressing rooms: wildly patterned wallpaper, peeping out from under the plaster, matching the rust-coloured carpets and wooden chairs. Industrial details combine with shabby chic. A store that fits its target group: young, casual, cosmopolitan.

Für die junge Generation Bohème

Das erste Geschoss ist von spielerischen Anleihen an das Art déco geprägt; jene Stilrichtung, die für die gestalterische Verbindung eleganter Formen, kostbarer Materialien, ornamentaler Muster und sinnlicher Themen steht. Aber auch für den rauschenden Übermut der Roaring Twenties.

Eine Stilrichtung als Ausdruck eines Lebensgefühls also – irgendwo zwischen Dandytum und Rebellion. Und damit der perfekte Look für die junge, männliche Zielgruppe von Kaiser S1 in Freiburg. Hypnotische Muster in Kontrast mit ruhigen Farbflächen und edlen Materialien als Spielweise für die junge Generation Bohème. Unangefochtener Blickfänger: das üppig bepflanzte Gewächshaus vor den Fenstern, dessen Grün eingefasstes Strukturglas kunstvoll bricht.